Graduation and What is Next

Angela Jacobs
Angela Jacobs – RMA

I have made it to Graduation and I have earned my RMA! What does RMA stand for; you ask? Well it means Registered Medical Assistant. I began at Wichita Technical Institute (WTI) in July of 2012. I had 4 classes to go through. First Was Medical Office Basics (MOB), where I learned anatomy and medical terminology. My second course was Administrative Health Information Technology (AHIT). Here I learned some more medical terminology, insurance, some medical law, and some billing & coding. My third quarter was Interactive Patient Care (IPC) I learned how to communicate with the patient, give shots, and take vitals. My fourth quarter was Clinical Medical Procedures (CMP) where I learned how to perform venipuncture. I am now preparing to go out into my externship phase. I will be in a clinic where I can complete my administrative, labs and clinical parts of externship.

Donna Knoupf, Angela Jacobs and Ariel Sheeley
Donna Knoupf, Angela Jacobs and Ariel Sheeley

I was able to get to know many people along the way and make new friends. One week before the last week in class I passed my RMA boards, making me a Registered Medical Assistant. It feels great being able to add a credential to my signature. It was not always easy accomplishing this task, but I made it. My family was fairly cooperative, especially Ian.  He helped me do my home work, by asking questions about what I was learning. My graduation date is set for August 31st, but my ceremony will be in December.

I thank my family from all over the states that has helped, and encouraged me. You all have a special place in my heart.

As I began this little story of mine we had some interesting weather here in Wichita Kansas. A storm literally blew in and out in a matter of an hour. It was also my last day of class. I guess one could say the winds are blowing me in a new direction!

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