Free Swim Day

Well I promised Ian I would take him to the pool. It was supposed to be yesterday, but discipline happens. Well when we went today at Collegehill Pool, they said it was free today! Ian had some fun. I apologize for having no pics, but he had fun

Graduation and What is Next

Angela Jacobs
Angela Jacobs – RMA

I have made it to Graduation and I have earned my RMA! What does RMA stand for; you ask? Well it means Registered Medical Assistant. I began at Wichita Technical Institute (WTI) in July of 2012. I had 4 classes to go through. First Was Medical Office Basics (MOB), where I learned anatomy and medical terminology. My second course was Administrative Health Information Technology (AHIT). Here I learned some more medical terminology, insurance, some medical law, and some billing & coding. My third quarter was Interactive Patient Care (IPC) I learned how to communicate with the patient, give shots, and take vitals. My fourth quarter was Clinical Medical Procedures (CMP) where I learned how to perform venipuncture. I am now preparing to go out into my externship phase. I will be in a clinic where I can complete my administrative, labs and clinical parts of externship.

Donna Knoupf, Angela Jacobs and Ariel Sheeley
Donna Knoupf, Angela Jacobs and Ariel Sheeley

I was able to get to know many people along the way and make new friends. One week before the last week in class I passed my RMA boards, making me a Registered Medical Assistant. It feels great being able to add a credential to my signature. It was not always easy accomplishing this task, but I made it. My family was fairly cooperative, especially Ian.  He helped me do my home work, by asking questions about what I was learning. My graduation date is set for August 31st, but my ceremony will be in December.

I thank my family from all over the states that has helped, and encouraged me. You all have a special place in my heart.

As I began this little story of mine we had some interesting weather here in Wichita Kansas. A storm literally blew in and out in a matter of an hour. It was also my last day of class. I guess one could say the winds are blowing me in a new direction!

Registered Medical Assistant – Wichita Kansas